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21 July 2016
July graduation

UWC students graduate at the winter graduation ceremony.

The University of the Western Cape (UWC) continues to produce graduates who enrich the country, the continent and the world at large –as was evident at the University’s Graduation Ceremony, held on 21 July 2016.

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Student Development and Support, Professor Pamela Dube, welcomed the assembled graduates and their loved ones.

“We are here today to celebrate the success of those of you who made it - and it is my honour as the Acting Vice-Chancellor, to say congratulations to you, your relatives and friends,” she said. “Graduation ceremonies afford us a unique opportunity to reflect on the journey we have collectively – as students, parents and lecturerstraversed in the quest for knowledge; and to celebrate the success of those who made it.”

And there was a lot to celebrate: 374 graduates across the University’s 7 faculties (Arts, Community and Health Sciences, Dentistry, Economic and Management Sciences, Education, Law and Natural Sciences) – including 32 PhD Degrees, 87 Master’s Degrees, 21 Honours Degrees and 234 Undergraduate Degrees, Diploma and Certificates combined (and that’s not even considering the thousands of graduates in the Autumn Graduation ceremony earlier this year).

“The zest for education is what has brought us together on this occasion,” said Prof Dube. “Education is both a public and a private good. It helps to equip people with the necessary skills for them to earn a living, and it also plays a greater role in shaping citizenship.”

One student who definitely understands the zest and importance of education is 71-year-old Anthony De la Harpe, a Matjieskloof, Port Nolloth born Cape Town resident, who received his Masters in History at the ceremonyover 30 years after he began and discontinued it, and over five decades since he first received his BA from UWC, proving that no one is ever too old to get an education when he graduated  with his.

The music for the graduation ceremony was provided by UWC’s Centre for the Performing Arts, under the leadership of the award-winning Henriette Weber.

Graduation is only the beginning

UWC provides an environment where students can learn and grow, develop critical thinking skills, and shape their character. But after graduation, that’s when the value of a UWC education is truly tested –when students take the knowledge and skills they’ve developed and become entrepreneurs, dynamic innovators, managers of corporations, educators of our children, carers for the sick and old, intellectual shapers of public discourse, and leaders of various structures of society.

“As you go out there in society to pursue your careers, to play your roles as change agents, know that your deeds will have a bearing on the reputation of the University,” said Prof Dube in conclusion.

“I will be pleased to meet you one day, having assumed important roles in society, contributed meaningfully to the development of humanity. I wish all of you well –congratulations, and well done!”

July Graduation PICTURES