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Dear Campus Community

This has been a very busy time and I am glad to start this update by reporting that examinations continued to proceed well this week.  Best wishes to students who are writing the repeat of the first week’s exam modules, next week.

As indicated in an earlier update this week, the University Management, SRC and representatives of the UWC #Feeswillfall movement (UWC #FWF), had a marathon meeting last Sunday evening, continuing until 04:00 on Monday morning. The meeting reconvened again later Monday afternoon. These meetings were facilitated and chaired by the Chancellor, Archbishop Makgoba.

On Wednesday afternoon a Council delegation, comprising the Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson of Council, the SRC Council representatives and I, met with a representatives of UWC #FWF. At this meeting the UWC #FWF was invited to submit written representation to Council for its consideration.

Yesterday and today (26 and 27 November) Council had its last scheduled meeting of the year. In view of the seriousness and complexity of the matters on its agenda, Council agreed to extend its meeting over two days to be able to spend the required time on the different issues that had to be dealt with. As part of the meeting, Council also considered the inputs from the SRC and UWC #FWF.  

I attach, for your information, a copy of the Statement that Council released after today’s meeting, outlining some important decisions. In due course I will work through the implications of these decisions with different constituencies.

Yours sincerely

Prof Tyrone Pretorius
Rector and Vice-Chancellor