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17 November 2015

17 November 2015

Dear Campus Community

Amidst the unsettling situation on campuses in our region, the campus was quiet today and there were no reported incidents to share with you. 

I am also pleased to inform you that exams proceeded without interruption this morning.  Almost 80% of students, who were scheduled for today’s exams, wrote their respective exam papers this morning. 

In terms of access to campus, we wish to advise that staff is still encouraged to not come to campus. In instances where it is absolutely necessary, please make prior arrangements with your respective deans and line managers.

As indicated in yesterday’s update, we are requesting all residence students who are not writing exams, to vacate their residences and return home by noon on Thursday, 19 November 2015. Alternative arrangements have been made for all final year students who still have to write exams. In view of the fact that there may be residence students who have logistical difficulties in leaving their residences on Thursday, we have set up a telephone and email helpline to assist students. The helpline contact details are as follows: 021 959 3903 / Final year students residing on campus were also invited to contact the helpline for alternative accommodation. A separate process to deal with postgraduate students who have to remain on campus for academic reasons, will be finalised with Deans tomorrow morning.

We will continue to keep staff and students informed of the situation on campus.

Yours sincerely

Prof Tyrone Pretorius

Rector and Vice-Chancellor