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27 November 2020
Leonor Bosman
Leonor Bosman is an academic and statistician. Her interest and expertise lies within in the field of data science and in particular in statistical learning theory. Her research is focussed on negatively skewed data distributions and the problems that are encountered when assumptions of models are violated. She has an MSc in computer science and a BSc (Hons) in operational research. She has 30 years lecturing experience in computer science, information technology and mathematical statistics.

Prof. Blignaut presents at SAS DSAA Forum - 2016
"Prof. Blignaut presents at the SAS Data Science and Advanced Analytics forum, 6-7 June 2016, London, UK."
"Prof. Blignaut was invited Prof Stiegler were invited to this important conference in the area of data analytics, where Prof. Blignaut presented to clleagues from other universities in the world and the industry representatives the views and plans from of our department to create a data science stream in our Honours in Statistics programme as per 2017"