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4 May 2021
Less law, more heart
There was a time in his life when Brandell Turner never would have thought a career in law would grant him the professional and personal success that he has achieved today. TNK Attorneys, whilst a relatively small team, offer as much support as they can to the youth of today through bursary funds, most notably the recent #NoStudentLeftBehind campaign and article positions for recent graduates.

Whilst it may have taken Brandell a long time to find his path, his journey is one of perseverance and drive, and one which takes empathy and helping humanity into account.
Starting off as a student at UWC was hard for Brandell as he had many friends who did not choose the path of tertiary education, opting instead to start earning salaries at a young age. As tempting as it may have been to follow suit, Brandell valued the importance of a university education, as did his parents, and so he persevered.

Chance encounters with the late OR Tambo, and meetings along the way with Former Minister of Finance Trevor Manuel, Dr Allan Boesak and the late President Nelson Mandela, further cemented his resolve and Brandell stuck it out at university. He admits that these encounters, and entering the space of a highly politicised university, indelibly shaped his thinking and his future trajectory.

Years down the line, Brandell’s journey is one filled with colour and all sorts of wonderful tales of how he has reached the space he is in today - from a stint of running his practice from home to a two-year hiatus in the UK.  His firm, and the way he practices, follows a more people-centric approach – an approach that he prides himself in.

In his own way, Brandell is trying to give back in a manner that was never available to him, and he is committed to paving the way for young graduates to find their niche within society.