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30 November 2020
Maths4Stats Closing Ceremony - 2012
On 13 October 2012 the first Maths4Stats training in the Western Cape was concluded. These training sessions were presented for the first time in the Western Cape when StatsSA, the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) and the Statistics and Population Studies Department at the University of the Western Cape took hands. A total of 84 different Mathematics or Mathematics Literacy teachers registered for these training sessions. In order to qualify for the attendance certificate, teachers had to attend all four sessions spread over four months. A total of 45 teachers were awarded an attendance certificate at a ceremony held on 13 October. This ceremony was attended by Mrs Pumla Satyo the Director FET curriculum WCED, Prof Mbulaheni Nthangeni the Executive Manager Human Capacity Building (StatsSA) and Prof Michael Davis-Coleman the Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, UWC.

The training covered content related to Statistics which was newly incorporated into the CAPS curriculum from 2012. Topics such as data handling, probability and regression and correlation were taught. Teachers also participated in a calculator workshop and they were educated on how to use Supercross, a specialized computer application provided by StatsSA.

A special thanks to the staff members and especially Prof Renette Blignaut of the Statistics and Population Studies Department who contributed in making this outreach programme a success.