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30 November 2020
Mellisa Abels our PhD exchange student to the University of Kentucky
Melissa Abels, the department's very first exchange student, shares her experiencesat the University of Kentucky in the United States of America.
My Experience at the University of Kentucky (UK)

"In preparing for a PhD in statistics at the University of the Western Cape (UWC), I received an opportunity of a lifetime to study and work at the University of Kentucky (UK) in the United States of America for one year. I am enrolled in the graduate statistics programme and broadening my learning by attending specialized courses in linear statistical models, statistical inference and computational inference. I am employed as a teaching assistant (TA) in an undergraduate statistics course. My duties as a TA have strengthened my interest in education and I am developing my skills by teaching statistical reasoning in the inverted classroom. When I return to the UWC, I hope to continue my studies and implement what I have learned at UK. My experience at UK has been challenging but I am enjoying every moment. I especially enjoy learning about US culture and meeting all the people from diverse backgrounds. They are all very friendly and hospitable and have made the experience unforgettable