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25 March 2020
Message From Anglican Archbishop of Cape Town and UWC Chancellor Thabo Makgoba

(Published - 25 March 2020)

Dear Friends

COVID-19 knows no age, no colour, no boundary, it doesn't carry a passport. It will affect all of us. My message to all of you is, please be wise, be sensible.

The Presidency, particular in South Africa and other countries, have called for a lockdown. And by a lockdown they mean there is no dogmatic answer, and there is no sense of right or wrong. Just listen to the instructions given by the head of the Presidency. It is for your good - it is for our good. 

So I pray that even this will pass. And of course, as an Archbishop, I'm a person of hope it will pass. But this hope depends on each and one of us playing their part. Stay at home, less argument but let's be the intellectuals that we claim to be. Let's be wise people and listen for our own sake, and for the sake of the nation. 

God loves you, and so do I.

Anglican Archbishop of Cape Town
Thabo Makgoba
UWC Chancellor