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31 August 2018
More Amazing UWC Women 2018: Women In Education

(Published - 31 August 2018)

Teaching is often said to be the mother of all disciplines - and if there’s one thing any successful society can’t get enough of, it’s trained teachers with the passion and skills to help the next generation be all they want to (and deserve to) be.

That’s why this Women’s Month, the University of the Western Cape (UWC) is honouring the many extraordinary women who have made a real difference in the way we teach (and learn), and who have made the University their home over the years - and who continue to make a mark on the world at large.

Those amazing UWC women in education include...

Vuyokazi Nomlomo: The Dean of the Faculty of Education, Prof Vuyokazi Nomlomo is an accomplished Professor of Language Education and Teacher Education - something she understands well, having worked as a high school teacher in the Eastern Cape before coming to UWC. Over her twenty years at the University, she has been involved in several leadership roles in the faculty - as a lecturer and researcher, as Deputy Director of Professional Programmes, head of the Language Education Department, and more.
Vivienne Bozalek: To be an effective lecturer, one has to be willing to do some learning as well - which is why UWC’s Directorate of Teaching and Learning provides pedagogical support, materials and development for lecturers and tutors. As T&L Director (and former Chairperson of the Department of Social Work), Prof Vivienne Bozalek guides this process - and she’s also a celebrated teacher *and* researcher in her own right, having won both the Vice Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching and Learning and the Vice-Chancellor’s Distinguished Researcher Award for her work on the ethics of social care and on teaching and learning.
Joy Papier: Prof Joy Papier is currently Director of UWC’s Institute for Post-School Studies (IPSS), which brings together research, teaching and social engagement in the areas of Adult Education, Higher Education and Vocational Education. As IPSS Director, and as the recently-appointed SARChI Chair: TVET Studies, Prof Papier addresses one of South Africa’s greatest challenges – the millions of youth who are not in education, employment or training. Prof Papier’s research interests are in vocational education, vocational teacher education, and youth education and training policy. She serves on numerous strategic forums and task teams related to vocational education development.
Juliet Stoltenkamp: Universities are always interested in exploring new techniques and technologies that make teaching and learning simpler, faster and more effective. At UWC, a lot of that is handled by the Centre for Innovative Educational and Communications Technologies (CIECT). The Centre conducts technology skills training for students and staff, helps departments develop their e-learning platforms, and conducts research into teaching technologies and techniques - all under the capable guidance of CIECT Director Dr Juliet Stoltenkamp, who has over 20 years of experience as an educator; instructional designer and manager; and who serves on academic institutional policy decision-making bodies in higher education institutions.
Mokgadi Moletsane: Educators need to understand the educational needs and psychology of learners, and how that is affected by different cultures and circumstances. Prof Mokgadi Moletsane is an expert on cross-cultural psychology, and conducts research on psychological assessments, on gender-based violence, and on HIV/Aids - and their educational effects. Prof Moletsane was the driving force behind the launch of the Centre for Diversity in Counselling and Psychotherapy, which draws on expertise across faculties - notably from disciplines such as clinical psychology, educational psychology and industrial psychology - to address the challenges of diversity as they relate to counselling and psychotherapeutic interventions.

And That’s Not All...

These aren’t the only amazing women at the University of the Western Cape - far from it. Do you know any other incredible UWC ladies? Women who’ve excelled at their sports, performed world-changing research, created amazing art, or helped other people succeed?

Well, just contact the Department for Institutional Advancement at or 021 959 9566 and let us know who we’ve missed...and we’ll tell the rest of the world!