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Nursing Midwifery Students Womens Day Posters 2014
Nursing Students promote Women's Day Awareness

Women's Day is customarily dedicated to women's health issues, but University of the Western Cape (UWC) Nursing students celebrated International Women's Day on 8 March 2014 by promoting awareness in a different way: by tackling sexual reproductive health amongst university students, male and female alike. After all, the promotion of gender equality cannot be achieved without men.

The students decided to create awareness in an informative and entertaining way. So, at lunchtime, 86 BNursing 3 Midwifery students gathered in groups outside the Student Centre to present posters and chat to passersby about healthy and unhealthy sexual behaviours.

The posters were part of a term-long assignment, but the students threw themselves into the task with enthusiasm - and with tangible results. As the School of Nursing’s Sonja Walker explains, “The interest of the student population was overwhelming. Initially, our Nursing students thought that they would have to run after fellow students to get their interest, but students were actually attracted by the colourful variety of posters and presentations - and presenters.”

The main aim of the presentations was to refute the many myths and misunderstandings about personal health and well-being. They also urged students to change unhealthy behaviours, and provided students the opportunity to learn about physical, sexual and emotional health and well-being.