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R13 000 donation to Ikamva Lethu- Our Future Fund

R13 000 donation to Ikamva Lethu - Our Future Fund

The University of the Western Cape urges its community to step up and support students who need financial assistance in pursuing their dreams.

Last week, the University of the Western Cape received R13 000 from Ogle Enterprises in collaboration with uButsha Communications, which was donated towards the UWC Ikamva Lethu – Our Future Fund campaign.

UWC launched this campaign in February 2016. The campaign aims to assist academically deserving students who are struggling to secure funding to complete their studies. With many registered students in the institution needing some sort of financial assistance, the campaign comes at a time when collective and sustainable solutions are needed for students.

SRC President Akhona Landu mentioned: “ We understand that student needs transcend access to continuing with their studies as there are other elements, such as the availability of study resources and access to regular meals, that also contribute towards creating a healthy and progressive environment for students - this is why our campaign is so relevant as it includes the holistic needs that are aimed for students to succeed.”

Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Student Development and Support Professor, Pamela Dube, said: “As universities we are called upon to continuously assess and seriously evaluate our contribution to the knowledge economy, to the various areas of skills development and preparing students as a prospective workforce and as engaged citizens.”

UWC’s resilience was tested in the last couple of months, and the SRC initiative could not have come at a better time than this, to reassure ourselves and our partners that we are steadfastly committed to our mission and that UWC remains a critical player in national development efforts.

Given the wide-ranging challenges students face nationally, particularly the growing number of students who cannot fund themselves, the SRC calls upon parents, sympathisers, the business sector, alumni and staff to support this noble cause.

The Rand value of students who are unfunded - and therefore owe the University fees - stands at R15 million.

When the SRC were voted into office in 2015, they made a solemn pledge in front of the UWC community that the SRC 2015/16 would be about students, and the struggle for free quality education remains on course.

The SRC sees the fundraising campaign as an important step towards achieving this vision, and the support to realise it is critical  - not only for providing access to education but also for SA’s developmental agenda, as education is a key driver of economic prosperity and social welfare.

How can you get involved?

We call upon you to support this noble cause and donate to the Ikamva Lethu Fund, through the following platforms.

1.Online payment –

2.EFT payment

3.SMS donation @  sms your name to 49751 (Cost is R 30)

4.Monthly debit orders – dial *120*1525# to sign up.

Your support towards realising the educational opportunities of our students will serve as a catalyst towards realising their future dreams.