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7 April 2021
Research Postdoc Fellowship
We are hiring at IBM Research South Africa!  

(See attached file: ZA_ Research Postdoctral Fellowship Flyer(1).pdf)

We are looking to appoint strong postdoctoral fellowship candidates in these and related fields: Computer Science, Computational Mathematics, Computational Statistics, Biostatistics or Health Informatics or Computational Biology, Environmetrics.   We seek full-time fellows for a period of 8 months with the possibility of extending to 12 months based on performance and scope of the research.
Applicants should be recent PhD graduates (0 - 5 years since graduation) who will join the research lab remotely and work on research that is of interest to IBM.  They will join local teams, but will have exposure to global IBM Research teams. Candidates completing their PhDs before the end of 2021 will be considered.
Please help by referring eligible students and colleagues to apply, and spread the work on this opportunity in your professional networks.
A competitive recruitment process has been initiated - application link:
A sharable PDF is attached.  Applications received by 11 April 2021 will still be considered.