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Say No Racism

The University of the Western Cape is disgusted at the racist statements and hate speech that have been discovered all over campus this morning. We condemn these cowardly acts committed under the cover of darkness.

The University of the Western Cape remains one of the most diverse campuses in South Africa. We are an intellectual home for students from diverse backgrounds, race and gender. Any attempt to threaten our unity, by inciting division of our students and staff along racial lines will not be tolerated.

A University is a space for open debate, discussion and the sharing of ideas. It is not a space for racism, tribalism, ethnic, gender and all forms of discrimination. We cannot allow our differences of opinion to degenerate into polarisation.

We urge the University community to join us in condemning, in the strongest possible terms, these racist statements.  

We are investigating this matter and once the culprits are identified appropriate action will be taken against them.

Say NO to racism!

Released by:

The Executive Management

University of the Western Cape