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7 April 2017
Science Faculty Dean's Merit Awards 2017

Science Faculty Annual Dean’s Merit Awards 2017

On 7 April 2017, the University of the Western Cape’s Dean of Natural Sciences, Professor Mike Davies-Coleman, publicly recognized the Faculty of Natural Sciences’ 56 top academic achievers at the 2016 Dean’s List function held in the Life Sciences building.

In his opening remarks, Prof Davies-Coleman welcomed the Dean’s List students and their family and friends to the event, and stressed the importance of not only recognizing and celebrating academic excellence publically but also acknowledging the enormous amount of hard work which  it takes to continually perform at the highest academic level.  The Dean subsequently gave a short presentation on the Faculty’s achievements over the past year to emphasize the Faculty’s commitment to excellence across all the disciplines.

Prof David Holgate, Deputy Dean of Teaching and Learning in the Faculty and Head of the Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, gave an engaging presentation demonstrating how his love for mathematics had enriched his life. He explained how rewarding a good mathematics education had been, and urged students to go out into the world and share the education and knowledge that they had acquired at UWC.

The third place prize winner for overall best academic performance in the Faculty in 2016 went to final-year (in 2016) Chemical Science student, Zimkhitha Nqakala, who graduated Summa Cum Laude on the day of the awards event, for her 87% average. Second place was awarded to second-year Computer Science student Thabisani Sibanda for achieving a 90% overall average. The top academic achiever was Junaid Townsend who completed his second year in Physical Science with a 93% average.

Prof Davies-Coleman also thanked the Science Faculty staff members for their commitment to providing UWC’s science students with the best possible science education. The night ended with a celebratory cocktail party, students sharing their accomplishments and celebrations with family and loved ones and academic and professional support staff from the Faculty.