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Steyn Capital Management sponsors UWC students

Steyn Capital Management sponsors UWC students

Four students from the University of the Western Cape (UWC) have been selected by the National Financial Aid Scheme Office at UWC as the beneficiaries of bursaries sponsored by Steyn Capital Management.

The official handing over of the sponsorship took place at the Council Chambers at UWC on Tuesday, 31 May. In attendance were Professor Pamela Dube Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Student Development and Support; Sanelda Beets and Jamie Kent from Steyn Capital Management.

Prof Dube said she hopes it is the start of many to come saying: “We appreciate the initiative and interest in student support. It goes with our long held view that every young person deserves a chance to study.  This will help them [our students] to improve their academic performance. We want to promote access to higher education to the marginalised and make it possible for every young person to access education.”

Prof Dube added that the cheque handover from Steyn Capital Management also goes hand in hand with the newly formed Students Representative Council, whose main aim is to raise funds to support struggling students.

“Access to higher education means things like access to registration fees, text books, food security and other key challenges students are faced with on a daily basis at University are addressed. We want to make this a sustainable invention and encourage students to raise funds for other students struggling with basic needs. As the UWC-Executive, we would like to thank you for considering our institution” she concluded.

Sanelda Beets from Steyn Capital Management said the bursary fund will alleviate financial strain on struggling students at the University, it will go a long way for them realising their dreams. Beets also thanked the staff at the UWC-NSFAS office for their help and support throughout the selection process, making sure that the candidates selected are excelling academically and are also financially deserving.

Speaking on behalf of the Department of Institutional Advancement, Ingrid Fourie, who is the Manager at the Donor Relations office said the bursary fund  is transformation in action. “We would like to thank you for your contribution and we hope that we will see you again soon.”

Mr Mike Kwatsha, Head of Financial Aid at UWC said: “We hope it is not the first and the last time, and you know where to find us should you be looking to sponsor more students financially, we really appreciate your assistance”, he concluded.