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Students informed about the Co-Curricular Record

Students informed about the Co-Curricular Record  

The Student Development and Support (SDS) division at the University of the Western Cape will be launching the Co-Curricular Record, on the 5th of May 2016.  This will provide students with a record of their holistic learning and development programmes they have been involved in whilst studying at UWC.

This Co-Curricular record will be advantageous to students when seeking employment as it will be recorded on an official UWC letterhead, showing all programmes they’ve ever been involved in at the University of the Western Cape.

Students’ involvement in the Co-Curricular programme will demonstrate to potential employers and sponsors their commitment to holistic learning, and that they have developed appropriate attributes and skills in preparation for the real world.

Towards this launch, SDS held a session informing the respective student structures about the importance of the Co- Curricular record. This session - which was presented by Information and Communication Systems – was attended by the Student Representative Council (SRC) and its affiliate student structures.

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