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13 October 2021
The Institute for Microbial Biotechnology and Metagenomics has been selected as a Node for the CSIR/TIA/DSI Industrial Biocatalysis Hub (IBH).
One of the key objectives of the IBH is to provide a platform for industrial assimilation of biocatalysis technology. We put forward 2 focus areas for this program:
Biosurfactant- to further advance the IMBM-BS1 biosurfactant that we have patented, and to advance other biosurfactants in the IMBM pipeline to offer a portfolio of biosurfactants with different physiochemical properties and performance characteristics
Bioactivities for human therapeutics- to further advance the purified bioactives, fractions or extracts that demonstrate promising bioactivities and are regarded as potential leads for human therapeutic agents.      

Especially with the second project, we have struggled to get over the chemistry hurdle which we have largely relied on collaborators for and which hasn't exactly yielded the outputs nor the progress that we had hoped.

Being a node will hopefully provide us the opportunity to maintain momentum and continuity on these technology development and industry-related projects and to retain the interest of the international industry partners, and to also acquire additional equipment or expertise or to outsource specific needs to local or international service providers.  

Congratulations to Anita who has been driving this and brought it home!!!!

Together with being selected as one of the core biobanks of the Biodiversity Biobanks South Africa (BBSA), and several recent invitations to participate in EU consortia, we have lots to celebrate!!

Thank you all for your support without which none of these achievements would be possible.