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21 May 2019
UDubs Got Talent Season 6: Sadrina Chitua Sings Her Way Into UWC's Heart

(Published - 21 May 2019)

Season 6 of UDubs Got Talent (UGT), UWC’s biggest and boldest talent competition, gave dozens of hopeful singers, actors, dancers and other performers the chance to share their gifts with the rest of the world – but in the end only one could take the crown.

“We started UDubs Got Talent in 2014,” explains Sibusiso Njeza, UWC ResLife Coordinator: Community Engagement and Cultural Life – and a talented performer and composer in his own right. “UDUBS Got Talent provides a rare opportunity for UWC students to showcase their talents – and also to dream about their ideal performances, and have the UGT production team work hard to translate those dreams into reality.”

The grand finale saw seven amazing performers battling it out, and spectators enjoying wonderful collaborations and guest performances.

The Best Collaboration award went to Sibulele Ntlebi & Lwandile Nkankula; 2nd Runner-Up was dancer Lutho Sotyatho; 1st Runner-Up was actress Sibulele Ntlebi, and the Season Winner (and also Audience Choice) was 21-year-old Biotech student and singer extraordinaire Sadrina Chitua.

Born in Angola and raised in Pretoria, South Africa, the eldest of two siblings, Sadrina is currently studying towards her BSc Honours in Biotechnology, with a focus on Environmental Biotechnology. “It has always been a passion to help aid in the food-security epidemic that has affected Africa to such a great extent”, she explains.

“Sadrina presented the most amazing, professional, and complete singing performance comprising of herself as a lead singer, backing singers who sounded 'angelic' behind her, well-coordinated dancers who complemented the singing so well,” Sibusiso says. “In a field of talented performers, she took the win with style.”

Here’s what Sadrina has to say about singing, studying, and finding time to sleep.

What motivated you to enter Udubs Got Talent?

My friends. Ever since first year, I would miss the UGT audition date, but this year I came across it in my email and decided I might give it a shot – and my friends motivated me and pushed me to take part and give it my all.

How did you first become interested in singing?

It started off as a joke in my uncle’s restaurant, where he used to ask me to come and entertain the kids in what we called an epic performance every Friday night (payment was food). From then onwards the stage has been my second home.

What do you love most about singing?

The one thing I love the most about singing is getting to experience the melodic energy being transferred from me into the audience and seeing the positive effect it has on them – both during the performance and even afterwards.

What do you do to relax?

I meditate, exercise, explore new places – especially restaurants – and indulge myself with some good old sleep.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Infiltrating a greater stage (literally and figuratively) in both my music and science career. In ten years, I’ll have financial freedom.

Any advice for other singers out there?

Nobody wants to be a second-hand Beyonce or Whitney Houston: they’re amazing, but they’re not you. So as an individual, you need to find your own voice and build your own character based on that. And you need to practice, practice, practice and practice as often as you can, because as much as your body needs to stay fit, so does your voice. And lastly, you need to respect your voice. Simple, but true.