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15 June 2021
UDubs Youth: Class Of 2021 - In Their Own Words
Nearly five decades after South Africa’s youth took to the streets to fight for their futures, new generations of young people must face the challenges of unemployment, inequality and injustice - and the task of fixing the world their elders have left them. That’s why the University of the Western Cape (UWC) is doing its best to help develop the leaders of tomorrow.
Zanda S. Young
Faculty of Education
“Through the sacrifices and guidance of my parents, my sister and I started our undergrad adventure together five years ago at UWC, our father’s alma mater. The journey towards graduation had its ups and down, with high highs and low lows. But my support systems, from my family to my friends, staff in the Faculty of Education and my Supervisor, provided me with the most support and inspiration.

"My most pivotal moment at UWC was realising that “you are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress simultaneously” (Sophia Bush, 2018). Our sisterly academic adventure continues together, as we are both currently Master Students at the University. I look forward to continuing this academic adventure, where the legacy of UWC serves as a constant reminder of growth from hope to action through knowledge.”
Bahija Aden
Faculty of Economic & Management Sciences
“When I entered university I had every intention of sticking to myself - but in my second year I took the leap to push myself out of my "comfortable bubble" and became a tutor. That decision set the precedent that allowed me to freely interact with others, and be more bold in grasping the opportunities that came my way. And at UWC, there were countless opportunities that allowed me to grow into the individual that I am today.

"Graduation signified the start of another chapter of adulthood, where our paths  diverge into decisions such as gaining more independence, going into a career, starting a family, or even pursuing further education. Now is the time for me to grow into the individual that the younger always wanted to be, and live being content with the life that I have.” 
Achmad Adams
Faculty of Arts & Humanities
“When I started at UWC, I felt lost. But in my second year I took a chance and became a tutor for 1st year French and 1st year Arabic. I also received a Dean's Merit Award for outstanding 1st year performance on top of acquiring my A1 Certificate in French Competency - all of these events, as well as the support of my parents and my professors in the Foreign Languages Department, solidified the confidence I had in my decisions and also caused me to want to assist other students to achieve their goals.

"Now I’m going to go on to complete my Masters, by the will of God, contribute to the translation community via my literature, and acquire a stable position as a Foreign Languages Professor or begin my own Learn English as a Foreign Language College - and help others find their way in the world as well.”
Mogamat Yaaseen Ajam
Faculty of Natural Sciences
“I graduated summa cum laude - and I plan on furthering my studies and (God willing) completing my doctoral degree (PhD). I plan on filling the research gaps within my field of expertise, Water Resource Management and Sciences. But in first year, I spent most of my time on other activities other than my studies, particularly playing dominoes in the 'caf' with my friends.  I started to realise that my grades were starting to slack a bit and that is when I realised that I needed to change my attitude towards my studies.

"So if there’s one very important thing I learned at UWC, it’s that the best way for someone to learn is through their own mistakes. There is no formula to success, the road to success is through acknowledging and learning from one’s mistakes.”

These are just a few of the many UWC success stories from the Class of 2021. Want to know more about how UWC is empowering entrepreneurs and preparing Fourth Industrial Revolutionaries? Don’t be shy - and if you want to share your UWC story, just let us know at and help inspire others to grow, from hope to action, through knowledge.