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Update: Dear Campus Community

Dear Campus Community

Further to my update of this morning, I wish to reiterate that, until further notice, it is still notadvisable for staff to come onto campus. We have been monitoring the situation throughout the day. There continues to be a group of protestors on campus and the situation remains tense and volatile. As communicated earlier, a part of the Residence Life (ResLife) building was set on fire. Later this morning protestors were seen moving around the residences with tyres. Security and the Police confronted them and confiscated approximately 70 tyres. The litter bins containing bricks, stones, sticks and shields that I referred to in my earlier message, were also confiscated. Protestors also forced open the turnstile gate on Robert Sobukwe Road and forced their way onto campus. We are not sure whether these are all 

UWC students. In addition, protestors continued to light fires between Basil February and Dos Santos residences and this situation is being carefully monitored.

Please note that some misinformation continues to be spread via social media and we urge you to check the UWC accounts on twitter (#IamUWC / #UWConline) and Facebook (UWC Online) for accurate information.

The situation in our residences has become untenable and the residences are in urgent need of maintenance, repairs, cleaning as well as attention to health and safety compliance issues. We will now be informing all non-final year students in residences, who are not currently writing exams, to vacate residences. Alternative arrangements are being made to accommodate final year students who are writing exams.

We will continue to keep you updated.

Kind regards

Prof Tyrone Pretorius

Rector and Vice-Chancellor