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30 April 2020
UWC Alumni Memory Box

(Published - 30 April 2020)

Greetings UWC Alumni community,

Greetings UWC Alumni community, As the University of the Western Cape, we hope that you are keeping well during the lockdown. We urge all our alumni to adhere to prescribed hygiene practices and safe social distancing in an attempt to curb the spread of COVID-19.

By now you would have received important communication from the University about our lockdown and the first of its kind fundraising initiative, spearheaded by our Acting Rector and Vice-Chancellor, Professor Vivienne Lawack - #NoStudentWillBeLeftBehind.

We are grateful to all our Alumni who have already made a concerted effort to support the campaign financially or by donating computing hardware so that our students have the best chance to complete their academic year. To support the campaign visit:

In addition to the University’s activities during the lockdown, UWC recently launched its 60th Anniversary campaign. This is a real reason to celebrate. As such, Alumni Relations will launch an initiative affording our alum the chance to become a part of the University’s 60th anniversary in an online/virtual environment [using audiovisual media].

The UWC Alumni Memory Box initiative allows our alum to share their most creative and heartfelt UWC birthday wishes, OR share messages of goodwill or their fond memories of UWC. Alumni submissions will be hosted on the 60th Anniversary website:

As #UWCAlumni you are invited to challenge your UWC friends, UWC family, UWC colleagues, and even your UWC neighbours to participate in the UWC Alumni Memory Box.

To participate in this online Alumni initiative, all you need to do is follow these steps:

  • Choose between submitting a Video OR Audio recording;
  • Recordings must be made in a quiet area;
  • Video recordings must be in landscape [phone in horizontal position];
  • Videos or audio recording should not exceed 59 seconds; and,
  • Send your final recording, accompanied by your name, surname and student number, via WhatsApp to 072 453 7990.

Note: We have also attached a basic infographic on how to record your video.

Join the #UWCAlumni community to celebrate our great institution’s 60th anniversary. Keep an eye on social media platforms for the Memory Box initiative.

Best wishes. Take care, and be safe.