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UWC Koshuis Rugby Launch

The UWC Koshuis Rugby League had its launch on Monday, 16 March 2015 at the campus sports stadium. The event hosted a friendly rugby game between Kovacs Titans and Collin & Ruth First to create a buzz to promote the Koshuis rugby league. The league was established five years ago and is sponsored by the Varsity Cup, FNB and Steinhoff International.

The programme is aimed at bringing students who live on campus residences together in an unbiased and productive setting. However the league has since allowed for off campus students to join the teams due to a lack of participation. Many of the students from these residences hail from different provinces and they have varying beliefs and values. The Koshuis rugby league has developed this programme for students to have a platform for social development.

The Koshuis rugby league strives to develop a sense of community among the student who would never have met or communicated otherwise. In so doing the league pays tribute to past students who hailed from all over South Africa and united to fight side by side for the abolishment of the apartheid regime.

The league does not only focus on social development but also has a strong focus on leadership and rugby development. UWC Koshuis’ objective is to find new talent among the students in the league and to foster this talent with the aim of becoming a feeder scheme to the University sevens team.

On the 30 March 2015 there will be another promotional game between the Barbarians and Dos Santos February taking place on the UWC sports stadium. The first official game will take place on the 15 April 2015 and the teams to play this kick off match are yet to be finalized.

There are still spots available for two more teams in the league. If you are interested in joining or you would like to know about upcoming games please call Giovanni (Gio) Hulley at (021) 959 3534.