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25 September 2019
UWC Nursing Students Address Mental Health Challenges

Pictured: Fourth-year UWC nursing students reach out to address mental health challenges.

(Published - 25 September 2019)

Many of the residents live in poverty in informal settlements, and students hope to educate them about the scourge and especially what impact substance abuse has on one’s mental health. Nursing student Qotoyi Zenakhane said it is important to end the stigma around mental illness. “This will be done by encouraging people of the community to stand up and speak out when someone needs help to end the stigma against mental illnesses,” said Zenakhane.  

He said they have found that in most instances people are not comfortable seeking or receiving mental health care. They fear that they might be labelled as unstable or crazy. “We would like to…improve access to existing services provided in the community,” he said. The students also hope to secure the services of a mental health practitioner to assist the community.