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8 December 2021
UWC Road Running Members Shine At Cape Town Marathon
The Cape Town Marathon, better known as CTM, is a well-established annual marathon that started in 2007. The race is now an Abbotts World Marathon Majors candidate, and enthusiasts from around the world are competing in this prestigious event – usually held in October each year. 
Right to left: Tylen February, Chantal Carls, Erica
Munnik, Suvahn Flores, Nadia Jacobs, Ashley Swartz
This year’s CTM was the first formal race on the calendar since the COVID-19 pandemic halted organised road races. It was run under strict COVID-19 protocols, with all runners required to undergo a COVID-19 screening test before they were allowed to participate.
October 17 was met with excitement and enthusiasm, and many runners could not wait to get their feet on the road again. UWC Road Running Club members also participated, and everyone – from youngsters to seasoned runners – finished the race. It was a day to remember, and the cool weather conditions were perfect. 

The members that participated in the race are affiliated UWC Athletics Club members, which is associated with Athletics South Africa. All prospective marathon runners (42.2km), half marathon runners (21.1km) and 10km runners are welcome to register with our club. 

Registration happens annually in January. After registration, you will receive a number that will enable you to enter all registered races organised locally and nationally. You will also have access to the UWC Sport Stadium for organised track training and a UWC-affiliated coach. 

For more information about road running, please contact Mr Glen Bentley ( or Dr Erica Munnik ( We are looking forward to having you as members of our club.