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UWC Students Empower 20 Workers with Computer Literacy, Leadership, Communication and Financial Awareness management Skills

Skills development at UWC: B.Com Honours Management students empowers 20 cleaners and groundsmen workers with Computer, Leadership, Communication and Financial Awareness Management skills at UWC

BCom Honours Management students from the University of the Western Cape empowered UWC cleaners and grounds people through their innovative UWC Skills Development programme.

The programme was launched 27 March 2018 and an award ceremony was held on 13 April 2018, where the 20 workers received much more than certificates for their efforts.

The programme enabled the cleaning and groundsman workers to acquire skills and knowledge in computer literacy, leadership skills, communication and financial management awareness.

The Computer Literacy enabled the staff with the basic knowledge of computers and how great and useful resource it can be.  The Leadership Skills enables the staff to become leaders, the financial awareness taught the students to budget, save and more useful financial literacy assistance.

Staff member, Project Manager, B.Com Honours student Mr Grandle Opperman said:   “Through our engagement with the University cleaners, we have identified that these key skills would provide them the opportunity to develop both their cognitive, behavioural and external environment. We encourage the staff to broaden their worldview and grant them an opportunity of learning to engage the world in line with the latest technology and decision making,” he said.