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11 December 2019
UWC/Northlink Graduation 2019: Celebrating Staff Development And Continuous Learning

(Published - 11 December 2019)

The University of the Western Cape celebrated continuous learning on 21 November 2019, with a graduation ceremony for 66 staff members who completed various courses at Northlink College in Business Administration, Effective Communication and more.

“The SETA-funded programmes provided staff with the opportunity for knowledge extension, information sharing and open systems thinking - to assist with their career development,” said Shameema Matthews, Staff and Organisational Development Manager at UWC.

Meko Magida, Executive Director HR congratulated certificants for their hard work and determination, and for their commitment to embracing learning and growth, and equipping themselves with the competencies and capabilities to support the strategic goals of the University.

“Learning at the same pace or even faster than the rate of change, is critical to keep the University at the leading edge of best practices in higher education. We are proud to be able to celebrate the hard work and determination of staff, and their commitment to embracing learning and growth in their careers.”

A cohort of staff from Finance and Services (Infrastructure and Engineering) participated in the Team Leader and Handyman training programme - providing an opportunity for them to enhance skills relevant to their roles. Staff from other areas in administrative roles participated in several other skills training programmes such as Business Administration and Project Administration.

The graduation ceremony was facilitated by Genevieve Southgate, Staff Development Consultant, and introduced speakers including Meko Magida, Executive Director of Human Resources; Elvida Sias, Human Resources Director; Manie Regal, Executive Director of Finance and Services Executive, and a representative from Northlink College.

“We are faced with constant change in the higher education landscape, and in the wider world of work,” said Sias. “The Fourth Industrial Revolution requires new ways of approaching the world of work, different skill sets and the ability to adapt to change. Continuous learning and attaining skills is critical to remaining relevant and meeting the demands of the workplace.”

HR’s Staff and Organisational Development Office partnered with Northlink College to provide a platform for staff to develop their knowledge and capabilities through the skills programme - and potentially to further their studies in the future.

“Through this programme staff gained knowledge on how to administer projects, which is a key aspect of administration in a business,” Sias noted. “Staff in technical services had the opportunity to broaden their technical skills, and to learn to meet new demands in a time of knowledge extension, information sharing and open systems thinking.”

HR invites UWC staff members to participate in the Career Management series that will be made available through the generic training calendar in 2020, to engage with skills and capacity development programmes.

“Gaining knowledge is an investment,” Sias said. “We appeal to staff to use your earned investment to facilitate your careers at UWC and to be an ambassador for UWC as we strive to support the University in its growth and successes.”