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UWCs New Leadership and Coaches Development Programme

UWC launches  Leadership  and Coaches Development Programme for High Performance and Community Coaches

In an effort to meet real community needs, the University of the Western Cape (UWC) has launched an exciting Leadership and Coaches Development Programme for High Performance and Community Coaches.

Facilitated by the University’s Sport Administration Department (Sports Admin) in conjunction with the Interdisciplinary Centre for Sport Science and Development (ICESSD), the course has attracted 60 participants from local clubs and universities for the first offering.As UWC’s Director of Sport Admin, Mandla Gagayi, notes: “This initiative is an exciting development in line with UWC’s community engagement and high performance programme, and focuses on much-needed capacity building for coaches and athletes.” 

The first course  consists of  ten modules and will be offered during the next four months - initially planned to take place every Wednesday, but due to the overwhelming response, the course has been divided into two groups, with classes taking place every Monday and Wednesday evening.

All courses are informed by a recent Training Needs Assessment that was conducted with all available UWC coaches, with a research team of Sports Admin staff and PhD students from ICESSD conducting a comprehensive survey during the last semester of 2016, under the leadership of Professor Christo de Coning.

The outcomes of the research were presented and discussed among the coaches at the last Coaches’ Meeting convened by Clement Trout, Chairperson of UWC  Coaches Forum.

“A number of priority training items were then identified for both high performance and community coaches, and various courses will be offered by Sport Admin over the next years to respond to this demand,” Gagayi says.

The survey showed that most UWC coaches are involved as community coaches, and that a special need exists for both high-performance coaches and also emerging coaches in various disciplines.

“Judging from the needs assessment and the feedback of the coaches, and by the high turnout in response to Sports Admin’s call to coaches from various disciplines, codes as well as various institutions such as UWC, Cape Peninsula University of Technology and Stellenbosch University, we are on the right  track,” comments Gagayi.

“An added advantage is that this capacity building programme is across all sporting codes and institutions, giving coaches the opportunity to share experiences from different environments. Feedback by course participants after the first session gives an indication that this leadership initiative for coaches has the potential to go far beyond our expectations,” states ICESSD Director Professor Marion Keim.

The Leadership and Coaches Development Programme for High Performance and Community Coaches  is the first of a battery of courses selected by the coaches and focuses on personal leadership and social transformation; other courses will follow soon.