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Your WHAT IF could win a R5 000 Post Grad Registration bursary, among other prizes!

Imagine if Alexander Fleming stopped at seeing mould? We would not have penicillin.

Imagine if Jeffrey Bezos simply accepted that forests should fall to fill our libraries? We would not have the Kindle.

Imagine if Martin Cooper remained bound by cables for communication? We would not have the cell phone.

Now imagine what you can achieve if you convert hope into action through knowledge!

Undergraduate study creates a foundation for your big idea. But it is through Post Graduate specialisation that you will be able to turn concept into construct.

The University of the Western Cape calls on the curious to consider WHAT IF, YOUR WHAT IF WORKS?

If you believe it will, then UWC believes in you.

In fact, so much so that we are offering 3 Post Graduate Registration Bursaries valued at R5 000 each, plus other goodies to help you to realise your WHAT IF!

Simply tell us about your WHAT IF and which UWC Post Graduate offerings you need to realise your ambition. Post yourWHAT IF(300 WORDS MAX) onto the UWC Facebook Page. Go to WWW.UWC.AC.ZA and click on the UWC Facebook icon for access.

For example:Your passion is the social welfare of people and you believe the foundation of society is the family. YourWHAT IFis to establish an NPO to offer community programmes to help make families less dysfunctional. But to do this, a post graduate qualification in Child and Family Studies would not only serve to inform your programmes but would give you greater credibility when you apply for funding.

Post Grad and Final Year Students: What Should You Do?

Tell us about your idea (general not detail); who or what it will service; where it will operate; how it will be sustained and grow; and what course of study you will need to help you on your way.

The competition runs until Monday June 16. A panel will choose the best entries. The bursary prizes are for Post Grad Registration only; and will be awarded to candidates who meet the admission criteria. The prizes may not be converted into cash and are not transferable.

Check out the UWC Facebook page for inspiration; and be sure to follow us on Twitter. Join the UWC conversation through the Facebook and Twitter icons on our homepage.