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WritingThreeSixty: The Graduate Journal of Research and Creative Writing

WritingThreeSixty: The Graduate Journal of Research and Creative Writing

WritingThreeSixty is a newly launched bi-annual multi/inter-disciplinary journal which includes creative writing edited by graduate students in the UWC English Department. The journal is one facet of student activities and initiatives which reflects graduate culture in the English Department. The journal is steered by an editorial board which allows students who serve on it to develop their talents: “Each one of us brings something different to the journal, such as diverse research interests and experience,” says Bronwyn Douman, editor of Creative Writing for WritingThreeSixty. “As postgraduate students, our involvement includes, but is not limited to, managing the website, social media, and submissions,” says Douman.

WritingThreeSixty is a platform for Arts and Humanities students to showcase their writing and research skills. Submissions for creative writing are open to undergraduate students as well as postgraduates. For critical research, however, only submissions from postgraduate students will be accepted. Book reviews from staff and students will also be accepted as well as interviews with scholars and writers. Authors will retain copyright and they are most welcome to publish elsewhere. “The journal is open to students from our sister universities, UCT and Stellenbosch, and we are working on approaching universities from outside of the Western Cape,” says Kareesha Naidoo, editor of Academic and Critical Research for the journal.

The aim of the journal is eventually to be a networking tool to connect with universities in this region. The WritingThreeSixty journal will serve as a platform of opportunity for graduate students to gain experience in the field of scholarly and creative writing. The journal aims to present the interests and ideas of graduate students and introduce them to the world of publishing. “We’d like WritingThreeSixty to be a recognized journal for exciting online publishing from the tip of Africa with a national, continental and international readership. We hope that students will gain experience in scholarly publishing, serving on the WritingThreeSixty board, and will also hone their own writing and research skills,” says Dr Fiona Moolla, Postgraduate Coordinator in the English Department.

By reading this journal the UWC community will be able to gain insight into research activities in the Arts and Humanities at UWC. But the journal may be of interest to students and staff outside of these faculties also. It does not mean that if you are a science student, that you could not also be a poet! Creative writing submissions are welcome across faculties. Submissions close on the 1st of January 2015 and the 1st issue will be published on the 28th of February 2015.