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Mid-year Assessments - 23 May to 07 June 2024
Supplementary Assessments - 19-28 June 2024
Senate Discretionary Assessments - 25-26 July 2024
SDAs are not open to all students and one must qualify for them. If you do qualify you will be notified via your student email.


The respective Faculty Contact Details are included below.

Faculty of Arts and Humanities - Kim Fortune
Faculty of Community and Health Sciences - Lusanda Runeyi
Faculty of Dentistry - Ilse Jooste
Faculty of Education - Ryan Adonis
Faculty of Economics and Management Sciences - Emma-Jane Arries
Faculty of Law - Rhonwin Valentine
Faculty of Natural Sciences - Dean Du Plooy

For queries contact

Submitting your thesis for Examination
University rules require you to notify your supervisor in writing of your intention to submit your thesis for examination. Intention to submit is usually taken in consultation with your supervisor who needs to be satisfied that you have fulfilled the necessary requirements.
For further details around intention to submit appointment of examiners and submission please refer to the POSTGRADUATE GUIDE and UNIVERSITY CALENDAR.

CLICK HERE to submit your thesis for examination.

You will receive notifications once it has been approved by your supervisor and distributed, and once all the examiners have confirmed receipt.
For queries please contact your Faculty or Department.

IMPORTANT: While examiners have a guideline of 4 weeks (Masters) or 6 weeks (Doctoral) within which to examine and submit their reports for a thesis, examiners may take longer and once submitted all reports must serve via the University's governance processes. The entire process of examination may therefore take between 2-3 months (or longer under extreme circumstances).  

Students are reminded to familiarise themselves with Assessment Rules as per the General Calendar for 2023, CLICK HERE.

Should you require any Confirmation of Examinations for Work / Leave purposes, you may request the same via the following link:  

Click here for the Confirmation of Examination Letter (letters may take up to 2 business days to issue)

Should you experience any challenges in this regard, please email directly.


A.5.2.7 Special Assessments

(a) Within the assessment period the Faculty Board of the Faculty concerned (or a designated committee of that Faculty Board) may grant permission for a special assessment in the case of a student who has been prevented from completing any assessment task, due to -
i) illness immediately preceding or on the day of the assessment, provided that a satisfactory medical certificate, specifying the nature and the duration of the illness, is submitted; or
ii) any other serious special circumstances, which may justify such special assessment provided that satisfactory proof of such circumstances, shall be produced.

(b) Where a student has written a special assessment, the final mark could be more than 50%.

(c) Unless otherwise determined by Senate, a student wishing to be considered for a special examination or special final assessment task must submit (or cause to be submitted), within five working days after the date of the formal examination, or the date of completion of the final assessment task, the following documents to the Departmental Chairperson/Director concerned:
i) application for such special assessments on the prescribed form;
ii) documentary proof of relevant circumstances, and
iii) receipt of payment of the prescribed fee (if applicable).

The respective Faculty Contact Details are included below for any queries related to the timetable.
Faculty of Arts and Humanities - Rebecca Lee:
Faculty of CHS - Johan De Klerk:
Faculty of Dentistry - Ilse Jooste:  
Faculty of Education - Ryan Adonis:  
Faculty of EMS - Ntsikomzi Bembe:
Faculty of Law - Yolisa Velebayi:
Faculty of Science - Rio Williams:

Please note that where examination information reflects TBC (To Be Confirmed), this information will be provided at a later date.

Notice to students for take home and online examinations:

Student must monitor their myuwc emails and their specific module iKamva sites. Examinations and submission details will be posted on these platforms.

For any queries about the examinations, please email Alternatively, please contact your relevant department for clarity.