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School of Business and Finance

The School of Business and Finance (SBF) at the University of the Western Cape is fast establishing itself as a leader in preparing South African managers for the challenges posed by a rapidly transforming society. Our country's economic growth is dependent on the rapid development of a strong cadre of talented managers who are attuned to the domestic context and the competitive demands of an increasingly global marketplace. 

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School of Government

Welcome to the School of Government, University of the Western Cape.

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School of Natural Medicine

Natural Medicine can be simply defined as any system of medicine that complements and enhances the body's natural capacity to heal by restoring balance without the use of synthetic drugs or chemicals. Natural medicine generally falls under the umbrella term of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). The various disciplines of natural medicine are highly diverse in foundations, philosophies and methodologies.

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School of Nursing

The School of Nursing at the University of the Western Cape is located in the Belville Campus in the Community and Health Science Faculty. The school offers both undergraduate and postgraduate nursing education programmes.

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School of Pharmacy

Pharmacists play meaningful roles in the healthcare of people. They do this through emphasis on correct and rational use of medicines and related products. Pharmacists remain in high demand in the public and private sectors. The corporate part is expanding and the demand for pharmacists continues. This applies to South Africa and other countries of the world.

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School of Public Health

Established in 1993, the School of Public Health is unique in many respects both in South Africa and
in the continent.

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School of Science and Mathematics Education

The School of Science and Mathematics Education (SSME) is committed to the development of a critical mass of quality professionals in the fields of science and mathematics education. Given its mission, it was necessary to ensure that all activities in the SSME are governed by a philosophy of quality and excellence.

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