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Entrepreneurship Development

The Entrepreneurship Development Unit (EDU) seeks to promote and develop the management of small to medium enterprises in order to contribute to the growth of businesses and to economic development.

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Fair Share Unit

Fair Share was established in 1997, as a response to a need for a Civil Society Organisation (CSO) to play an active role in economic policy development processes. From this broad intention, Fair Share has evolved into an organisation that meaningfully strengthens the capacity of various stakeholders to participate in the socio-economic development processes of their communities.

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Interprofessional Education Unit

The Interprofessional Education Unit's (IPEU) vision is to be leaders in IPE for scholarship, healthcare and communities.

This is supported by the IPEU's mission: to facilitate interprofessional education and collaborative practice, collaborative research and scholarship, and community engagement, in an ever-changing higher education and healthcare environment.

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Proteomics Unit

Proteomics is the term that describes a multitude of tools and expertise used primarily to profile and identify proteins of interest in any organism at a large scale. Proteins of interests include biomarkers for certain diseases or physiological/developmental status. For example, one could use proteomics to investigate effects of pathogens on organ protein expression levels and patterns.

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UNESCO Chair in Hydrogeology

The UNESCO Chair in Hydrogeology was established in 2001 at UWC following the introduction of the National Water Act of 1998 by the National Department of Water Affairs and Forestry (DWAF). As the Chair mainly focuses on groundwater related education, research and outreach, the Centre strives to contribute towards sustainable utilisation of groundwater resources in South Africa, Africa and the developing world.

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UWC Chair in Forensic Linguistics and Multilingualism

The University of the Western Cape (UWC) has a new Research Chair in Forensic Linguistics and Multilingualism. This Chair is housed in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, reporting to the Dean, Professor Monwabisi Ralarala.

This is the first of its kind in South Africa and on the African continent. Forensic Linguistics is a relatively new field of study in South Africa, though it is quite well established in places like the USA, UK and Australia.

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UWC Nature Reserve Unit

The UWC Nature Reserve Unit provides an educational and recreational asset for the University of the Western Cape’s staff and students as well as surrounding communities by functioning as a base for ecological teaching, environmental education and research.

Our role is to develop an awareness and understanding by reconnecting students with nature, to inspire them to find a new appreciation for their natural surroundings, thus having an important bearing on future decision-making by the same individuals.

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