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The Faculty of Education currently offers a wide range of professional and academic programmes at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. These programmes are designed to develop the intellectual, academic and professional capacity of students in teaching and related professions. 

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  • Bachelor of Education (BEd) Senior Phase and Further Education and Training (FET) Teaching: Mr Terence Plaatjies (
  • Bachelor of Education (BEd) Foundation Phase: Mrs Estelle Maart (
  • Bachelor of Education (BEd) Honours: Mr Vusumzi Ndabeni (
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE): Mr Vusumzi Ndabeni (
  • Master of Education in Adult Learning and Global Change (MALGC): Mrs Moswang Moloi (
  • Senior Faculty Officer: Mrs Kim Styer who will be assisting all advising as needed (

Undergraduate registration queries 

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Career Opportunities:

The undergraduate programmes in the Faculty of Education allows students to teach the following:
  • BEd Foundation Phase programme: Students will be qualified to teach Grade R to Grade 3
  • BEd Senior Phase and FET (Further Education and Training) Teaching programme: Students will be qualified to teach Grade 7 to 12
Postgraduate studies allow students to teach the following:
  • Students who have already completed an undergraduate degree, may qualify for our Postgraduate certificate in Education which qualifies them to teach Grade 10 to Grade 12

Programme Explainer Series

As the Faculty of Education’s PGCE Coordinator, it is with pleasure that I extend a warm welcome to you on behalf of the Faculty and lecturers. We have a number of curricula initiatives to prepare you for a teaching profession in line with the South African curriculum. Our team of dedicated and supportive lecturers will nurture each one of you to reach the highest standards of your professionalism. This presentation is a synopsis of the main features of the programme; detailed information, will be provided in your course guides and outlines. We are honoured to have you in our programme. 

PGCE Curriculum

Enquiries: Mr Vusumzi Ndabeni (

Orientation informational videos: 

The purpose of the B.Ed (Foundation Phase Teaching) programme is to provide a four-year, full-time B.Ed degree specialising in the Foundation Phase (Grades R –3). The programme aims at training well-grounded and competent Foundation Phase (FP) teachers who will have the knowledge and skills to facilitate learners' epistemological access to Language, Mathematics and Life Skills, the fundamental components of the FP curriculum, and who will be able to teach in the learners' home languages (Afrikaans, English and isiXhosa). If you register for this programme, you will be exposed to a variety of exciting theories and activities that will enable you to understand how young children learn to read and write. You will also be exposed to theoretical and practical knowledge through demonstrations, observations and research in Foundation Phase classrooms.


This qualification is for persons wanting to become fully qualified as professional educators in schooling. The BEd (SP&FET) Teaching programme provides a deeply grounded basis for professional practice. In particular, it caters for those wanting an educational focus from the outset of their studies. Specifically, the programme will provide candidates with specialisations linked to SP and FET Phase teaching along with competence in subject matter knowledge, and the integration of all types of learning associated with the acquisition, integration and application of knowledge for teaching purposes within the South African context.