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Community Engagement Unit

The Community Engagement Unit (CEU) at the University of the Western Cape (UWC), under its director Prof Priscilla Daniels, facilitates community engagement opportunities that enhances and promotes the scholarship of engagement through equitable partnerships and citizenry to promote sustainable communities.

Our commitment to community engagement with societal impact is reflected in the history and ethos of the UWC. As this university embraces its proud history in the anti-apartheid movements, it is committed to link this proud past to an exciting future grounded in excellence with local, regional, and international relevance.

The scholarship of engagement relates to the wide range of ‘work’ (i.e. community engagement) that Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) do in partnership with different ‘communities’ (e.g. scholarly community, student community, civil society, and international community).

HEIs have a longstanding tradition of teaching, research, and community engagement. Globally contemporary HEIs are required to make a fundamental contribution to the development of civil society infused by relevant, innovative scholarly research and academic endeavours, steeped in the three-part legislated role of HEIs.

Community engagement is the pivotal point that feeds into and from teaching and research, and the link between these three legislative roles are equally important based on partnership and inclusivity.


Prof Priscilla Daniels

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