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15 May 2023
2023 UWC SoE-SI Colloquium
The second UWC Scholarship of Engagement for Societal Impact (SoE-SI) Virtual Colloquium will take place on 18-19 May 2023, 14h00-16h30 daily via Zoom.

This year we will be showcasing more than 20 UWC Scholarship Projects representing the different types of engaged scholarships, and thus the UWC SoE-SI Footprint.

This year our SoE-SI virtual colloquium theme is: UWC's SoE for SI Footprint, and you will be able to select from, and ‘move’ between, five different breakout rooms to attend the different SoE-SI project presentations by our UWC community. There will also be two panel discussions in which to participate on day two as we continue to chart our UWC SoE-SI journey.


Kindly find attached the Colloquium Programme (pp.30-39) booklet, inclusive of the project abstracts (pp.9-29) to be presented during the event.

We look forward to engaging with you as we showcase the UWC’s SoE-SI footprint.