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13 September 2023
Dit is ‘n Noord Kaap ding (DINK 2023)
The third instalment of Dit is ‘n Noord-Kaap ding colloquium (DINK) takes place from 9 – 11 October at the Castle of Good Hope. The colloquium is hosted by the University of the Western’s Cape, ZoneLearning@UWC and the Unisa’s College of Human Sciences in collaboration with the Castle of Good Hope.

Before 1994, the geographical area now considered the Northern Cape formed part of the Cape Colony (which changed to Cape Province in 1910). In 1993, under the watch of the Commission on the Demarcation/Delimitation of States, Provinces and Regions, the Cape Province was split into the Northern Cape, Western Cape and Eastern Cape regions. Essentially, although the name ‘Northern Cape’ is a post-apartheid creation, the place has strong, undeniable colonial origins that are linked to what we now consider as the Western Cape. With this in mind, it is therefore befitting to host this year’s colloquium from the site where the colonisation of South Africa began – in ǁHui !Gaes (also known as Cape Town).

With this year’s colloquium theme being, “Ruptures and Legacies: The Northern Cape before and after the borders”, the colloquium seeks to answer questions related to the ruptures caused by colonialism and apartheid – not merely literal ruptures such as the ones brought on by geographical boundaries, but also ruptures in identities, ruptures in traditional lifestyles, and reliance on indigenous knowledge and medicine, to name but a few. Additionally, the colloquium will explore issues pertaining to the legacies and untold stories that linger in the Northern Cape.

This year’s colloquium boasts presentations from an array of prestigious academics, postgraduate students and activists, including Prof. David Morris, Prof. William Ellis, and Dr. Lorato Mokwena, who will deliver this year’s keynote addresses. Other presenters include Dr Sophie Schasiepen, Janine Lange, Patric Mellet and activist Anmiray Opperman. Additionally, two artists from the Northern Cape, Robert Gardiner and Ulrich Roberts, will exhibit their art pieces at the Castle for the duration of the colloquium. The colloquium’s programme includes a workshop by Prof Quentin Williams, Tyron De Villiers, Carla Lindt, Robyn Gelant and Shaquile Southgate on “The Trilingual Dictionary of Kaaps project”.

Kindly refer queries to Dr Lorato Mokwena at or 067 874 4748.