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3 November 2021
The ZoneLearning@UWC Programme Showcase
The ZoneLearning@UWC programme, officially launched in 2020, is an experiential learning and incubation space for UWC students. It aims to equip participants with entrepreneurial skills and develop graduates who are socially responsive and able to drive entrepreneurial activities in their communities. The ZoneLearning@UWC programme is spearheaded by Professor Vivienne Lawack, Deputy Vice Chancellor: Academic. 

Unique to this programme is that the curriculum is embedded in the learning experience. The outcome is a graduate with attributes necessary for a changing world of work in the digital age. There is also a strong element of community engagement which is at the heart of UWC’s legacy. 

Zone Learning, developed by Ryerson University in Canada, is a new and innovative approach to preparing students for the 21st-century workplace. This is done by providing opportunities for them to work in real projects, causes, companies and start-ups. UWC is one of the few South African universities to adopt this innovative learning approach which is embedded in curricula and integrated with community engagement.

UWC is aware of the importance of developing 21st-century graduates. Through the ZoneLearning@UWC programme, UWC graduates will be better equipped to meet the challenges of a fast-changing world of work.

Please join us on Friday, 5 November at 4pm to see what the ZoneLearning@UWC Programme has to offer.


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