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22 June 2022
DVC Academic Reflective Report 2021
Since 2017, every Dean and Director within the Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Academic line compiles a Reflective Report that Professor Vivienne Lawack then consolidates, including her reflections. The consolidated DVC (Academic) Reflective Report aims to reflect the state of the academic project through the lenses of the seven faculties, together with the academic professional support directorates within this portfolio.

This 2021 Reflective Report contains an overview of our academic approach and decision-making during a tumultuous year, as well as a self-evaluation of the most pertinent work done during the course of the completed Institutional Operation Plan (IOP) 2016-2020. To this end, it consists of:
  • A radical change to our policy framework following our evidence-based approach to learning and teaching during the pandemic;
  • Strategic integrated planning and implementation during IOP 2016-2020 and IOP 2021-2025;
  • People planning; and
  • Leadership reflections by the Deans of the seven Faculties, as well as Directors of the four Directorates.
To read the full Reflective Report, please click the cover image below...