The South African Research Chairs Initiative (SARChI) was established by the Department of Science and Technology (DST) and the National Research Foundation (NRF). The aim is to attract and retain excellence in research and innovation at South African public universities through the establishment of Research Chairs.

The main goal of the Research Chairs initiative is to strengthen and improve research and innovation capacity of public universities for producing high-quality postgraduate students and research and innovation outputs.

The key objectives of SARChI are to:
  • Expand the scientific research and innovation capacity of South Africa.
  • Improve South Africa’s international research and innovation competitiveness while responding to the social and economic challenges of the country
  • Attract and retain excellent researchers and scientists
  • Increase the production of masters and doctoral graduates; and
  • Create research career pathways for young and mid-career researchers, with strong research, innovation, and human capital development output trajectory

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The Research Chairs at the University of the Western Cape are: 

Professor Alan Christoffels
Bioinformatics and Health Genomics 
Professor Ruth Hall
Poverty, Land and Agrarian Studies
Professor Joy Papier
Teaching and Learning in PSET 
Professor Roy Maartens
Professor Emmanuel Iwuoha
Nano Electrochemistry
and Sensor Technology 
Professor Marla Trindade
Microbial Genomics
Professor Cyril Julie
Mathematics Education
Professor Smarajit Triambak
Nuclear Science
Professor Asha George
Health System,
Complexity and Social change
Professor Nico Steytler
Multi-level Government,
Law and Development
Professor Patricia Hayes
Visual History and Theory   
Professor Helen Schneider
Health Systems Governance   
Professor Catherina Schenck
Waste and Society
Professor Nicolette Roman
Development of Human
Capabilities and Social Cohesion   
Professor Priscilla Baker
Analytical Systems and Processes
for Priority and Emerging Contaminants
Professor Sarojini Nadar
Desmond Tutu Research Chair in
Religion and Social Justice
Professor Mario Santos
Cosmology with
Multi-Wavelength Data
Professor Russ Taylor
UCT-UWC-SKA South Africa Chair
in Radio Astronomy 
Professor Stephen Devereux
Social Protection for
Food Security in South Africa