Staff Development

All staff training at UWC is guided by the principles and objectives encapsulated in the Institutional Operating Plan of the university. The HR department offers a range of staff development opportunities to ensure that the institution delivers on these objectives through empowering its academic and professional, administrative and support service staff. Some of our annual staff development training opportunities include:

Annual Generic Training 

Annual Staff General Orientation

The Annual General Staff Orientation is a high-level on-boarding session, where all new staff members have the opportunity to be introduced to the University of the Western Cape’s various portfolios. This serves as the foundation for their journey at our institution, to gain insights into our practices, processes and culture at UWC.

On-boarding/Monthly HR induction 

Staff who move into a new role or department or faculty are able to participate in on-boarding or monthly HR induction training. Induction is very important in providing new employees with the basic information and skills that they require to perform their new job successfully, ensures effective integration of employees into UWC, and helps create a positive and supportive working environment. It also helps define performance expectations, maintain motivation and identify the training and development needs of the new staff member. 

Annual Generic Training Calendar

While the topics for our Generic training calendar may be adjusted each year based
on the Institutional need, Staff and Organisational Development strive to ensure the
most relevant topics are considered, for all staff to benefit. Some of our most popular
course offerings include:
  • Mindfulness and neuroscience
  • Embracing mindsets for the 4th Industrial Revolution
  • Conflict management
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Strategies for coping with stress and burnout
  • Critical thinking and creative problem solving

Targeted training and organisational development intervention requests

Targeted training can be offered to each faculty and department with unique needs, in addition to our generic training competencies. This can be offered to a particular target audience or as requested by a faculty/department. Organisational Development interventions are designed with an objectives-based approach in mind in order to support the institution to reach its goals by addressing individual, team and institutional level training needs.

Cape Higher Education Consortium (CHEC)

These programmes, which include the Creating the Leading Edge (CLE) programmes and the Quality Teaching in Higher Education (QTHE) programmes, have been developed by and for the universities in the Western Cape and is presented under the auspices of the Cape Higher Education Consortium (CHEC). The programme is designed to meet the capacity development needs of academic and administrative middle managers and to create effective networks of key managers in the Western Cape.

Creating the Leading Edge (CLE) programmes

The regional management programme for middle leaders, CLE, is instrumental in the UWC Leadership Development agenda. 

Quality Teaching in Higher Education (QTHE) programmes

Academic staff members within higher education institutions in the Western Cape are provided with a unique opportunity to come together in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere to learn, discuss and benefit from the valuable experiences of peers and expert facilitators from the four institutions in our region.

Higher Education Resource Services South Africa (HERS-SA)

The Higher Education Resource Services South Africa (HERS-SA) hosts an annual ACADEMY for women leaders in higher education. Three to four staff members are allowed to attend the academy each year.

Coaching at UWC

Strategic Management Coaching

The strategic management coaching support provided to newly-appointed senior leaders (deans and directors) as part of their on-boarding process, supports the institutional commitment to develop strategic planning and management skills amongst leaders to strengthen their ability to plan for both short- and long-term goals, while determining the decisions and actions that need to be taken to reach those goals. The strategic management support for leaders enables hands-on/on-the-job training that allows them to assess the needs within their faculty/department, co-create strategies with their management teams, and implement and analyse the effectiveness of the implemented strategies.

Leadership Coaching Support programme

The continuous development of a Coaching Culture at UWC is imperative in helping the institution achieve its Vision 2030 goals and contributes significantly to leadership capabilities. Staff in leadership positions are afforded external coaches, through leadership programmes in order to access the coaching programme. Staff may only participate in the external programme with the support of their direct line managers.