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Current students

A truly international university is one that creates a teaching and learning environment that prepares its students for their role as Global Citizens. This means students are not only academically well prepared, but also culturally attentive and up to date with global issues. As part of their studies at the University of the Western Cape, all registered students are encouraged to apply for financial assistance via the UWC Online Financial Assistance application. 

Students can also apply for alternative methods of funding and financial assistance such as bursaries and scholarships via the opportunities posted below.

The UWC financial assistance application process offers students the opportunity to qualify for bursaries and other opportunities based on academic performance and specific programmes that they have registered for, with many of our donors selecting students based on their academic average and particular programmes of study. 

Some of our donors and companies also host a number of events throughout the year for local and international students including the UWC Annual Careers Day, Internship programmes, donor presentations and inductions or bursary recipients.

To find out more about UWC Bursaries and Opportunities or to apply online visit Bursaries and Opportunities.