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Application information

To apply online click here
  • You may apply for a maximum of TWO programme choices
  • Try to keep your options open, especially when applying for programmes in Faculties such as Dentistry, Community and Health Sciences, and Law
  • There is NO application fee payable
  • Applications close on 30 September 2023. 
  • Applications for Bachelor of Dentistry and Oral Health as well as School of Government postgraduate degrees close on 31 August 2023.
  • Applications for BA Honours Sport Recreation and Exercise Science, BA Honours in Biokinetics, and BSc Honours Biokinetics close on 31 July 2023.

STEP 2 – Acknowledgement Of Application
  • After completion of the online application form you will receive a letter via email from the University acknowledging receipt of your application
  • The acknowledgment letter will contain your APPLICANT NUMBER
  • This applicant number is to be used in all communication with the University
  • You will also receive a brochure indicating the SUPPORTING documents that you will need to submit to the University by the application closing dates for your application to be considered complete

STEP 3 – Upload Supporting Documentation
  • To upload all outstanding documents, go to complete the form and upload the required documents
  • Current Matriculants do not need to upload any supporting documentation
  • Already Matriculated: Upload your matric certificate/foreign school leaving certificate
  • Attending Another Tertiary Institution: Upload a certified copy of your academic record and certificate of good conduct, stamped by the institution’s registrar

Step 4 – Offer To Study
  • Successful applicants will receive communication via email offering a firm place and information about registration and orientation for 2024
  • Once a FIRM/FINAL offer is received, applicants will be required to ACCEPT the offer within the designated time
  • Should you not ACCEPT your offer in the designated period you will forfeit your place to study (your offer will expire)
  • You may however, call or email the UWC Contact Centre and enquire as to whether your offer is still available even after it has expired and have it accepted on your behalf
  • Applicants who have accepted their offers will receive communication via email informing them about registration and orientation for 2024.

Changed your mind about your choice of study?
  • Do not submit a new application
  • Check with the Contact Centre if you may change your programme choice
  • Should your contact details change please contact the UWC Contact Centre and update your details

General Criteria for Admission to the University

Bachelor's Degree Admission Criteria:
The minimum admission requirement is a National Senior Certificate (NSC) as certified by Umalusi with an achievement rating of 4 (Adequate achievement, 50-59%) or better in four subjects chosen from the following recognised 20-credit NSC subjects (known as the 'designated subject list'): Accounting, Agricultural Sciences, Business Studies, Dramatic Arts, Economics, Engineering Graphics and Design, Geography, History, Consumer Studies, Information Technology, Languages (one language of learning and teaching at a higher education institution and two other recognised language subjects), Life Sciences, Mathematics, Mathematical Literacy, Music, Physical Sciences, Religion Studies, Visual Arts.

Diploma Admission Criteria:
The minimum admission requirement is a National Senior Certificate as certified by Umalusi with an achievement rating of 3 (moderate Achievement, 40-49%) or better in four recognised NSC 20-credit subjects.

Higher Certificate Admission Criteria:
The minimum admission requirement is a National Senior Certificate as certified by Umalusi.

The Point System
For admission to degree and diploma programmes, UWC will use a weighted system for calculating points, stated as follows:
NSC Level Percentage Points for English (*) Points for Maths or Maths Lit Points for Life Orientation Points for each Other Subject
8 90-100% 15 15 3 8
7 80-89% 13 13 3 7
6 70-79% 11 11 2 6
5 60-69% 9 9 2 5
4 50-59% 7 7 2 4
3 40-49% 5 5 1 3
2 30-39% 3 3 1 2
1 20-29% 1 1 1 1
  less than 20% 0 0 0 0
(*) - ‘English’ here refers to either English home language or English first additional language, not second additional language, which would rather fall under ‘other subjects’

 Document Upload

Post-Matric Learners                                                                                                 

If you have written the NSC examination already, you need to submit the following:
  • Certified copy of your NSC certificate or Senior Certificate
  • Certified copy of your identification document
  • Proof of any studies with academic records, if applicable, you may have completed
  • If applicable, proof that you are currently improving your NSC results
  • In an affidavit a brief description of activities post-matric/NSC
Applicants who are re-writing Grade 12 subjects, applications will be processed on the current grade 12 results. If Grade 12 has been written more than once then your combined results must be submitted with your application.

Transfer Students

If you are applying from another institution of higher learning you need to submit certifies copies of the following:
  • NSC Certificate or Senior Certificate
  • Identification document
  • Certificate of good conduct from your institution
  • Official Academic Transcript
  • Module content / Yearbook descriptor from your institution for all modules completed
  • Degree certificate (if applicable)

Students applying for readmission to UWC

If you have studied at UWC previously and have taken a break in study, you need to provide a letter of motivation to be considered for readmission to your respective faculty

International Students 

  • You need to submit your final school results to Universities South Africa (USAf) for an evaluation
  • Application for Exemption is to be done with Universities South Africa (USAf) formerly Higher Education south Africa (HESA) using the following link:
  • We unfortunately will not be able to respond to your application until you submit a confirmation letter issued by USAf stating that you qualify to study at a South African University
  • Certified copy of your passport

Post Graduate students

  • Certified copy of identification document
  • Certified copy of Passport (International Applicants only)
  • Official Academic Transcripts/record of results  (All applicants)                
  • Certified copies of degree certificates (All applicants)
  • SAQA Evaluation Certificate (International Applicants only)
  • Short Curriculum Vitae (CV) (All applicants)
  • One page letter of motivation (All applicants)
  • Short research intention (Master and Doctoral applicants only)

When can I apply?
  • Applications for 2024 open on 13 May 2023 and close on 30 September 2023

How can I apply?
  • Applicants are encouraged to apply online via the online application portal 
  • Applicants wanting to submit a hardcopy application may collect these from the University and submit their application form at the University or via post.  Applicants may not apply via email or fax

What is the application fee?
There is no application fee

How many programme choices may I apply for?
  • Undergraduate – You may apply for a maximum of 2 choices
  • Postgraduate – You may apply for ONE choice directly via the online application form and for an additional programme click here 

When and how will I receive the outcome of my application?
  • Current Grade 12 applicants will receive an acknowledgment letter via email after the completion of the online form
  • Thereafter, you may receive a PROVISIONAL selection letter via email notifying you as to whether you have been provisionally accepted or not
  • Please note that this will only be a provisional selection and does guarantee you a place to study in 2024
  • A FINAL selection will only take place in January 2024 after final results have been released
  • All other applicants (not currently in Grade 12) will receive an acknowledgement letter after the completion of the online application form with instructions relating to the submission of required documents
  • In order for your application to be considered complete all required documents must be submitted as required
  • Faculties will consider each application and make FINAL offers as is necessary
  • You will receive communication via email in this regard by no later than January 2024

Can I apply with my mid-year grade 12 results for undergraduate programmes?
  • Applicants currently in grade 12 may either enter their final grade 11 results or their mid-year grade 12 results online or on their hard copy forms
  • Selection for applicants who completed grade 12 will be done based on their final grade 12 results

Do I get credits for courses offered at colleges?
  • You may enquire at the relevant faculty to verify credit applications

What procedures do I follow if have not received a response from the University?
  • You may call the UWC Contact Centre on 021-959 3900/01 to enquire or email

Do I need to apply again if I have applied the previous year and have not been accepted?
  • Yes, an applicant is required to fill out another application form for each academic year

How do I apply towards a NSFAS bursary?
You may apply directly to NSFAS by completing their online application

I would like to ask a Consultant

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