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Tutor Policy

  • Tutors are recruited on the basis of seniority from PhD level down, subject to departmental discretion.
  • The primary role of tutors is to facilitate tutorials in a module, but must also attend lectures of the module.
  • Tutors must keep an attendance register for tutorials.
  • Tutors must grade assessments worth 10% or less (cumulatively 50% or less) of the module class mark.
  • Tutors must submit marks to the departmental administrator within five working days.
  • Tutors must attend all meetings called by the instructor of a module. These will be called regularly by the instructor, ideally once a week.
  • Tutors must be available to be contacted by tut group members, and must provide contact details.
  • All tutors must annually sign an agreement that stipulates their minimum performance requirements.
  • New tutors must attend the EMS faculty and Departmental tutor training
  • Tutors will be supported in terms of needs like work space as far as resources allow.
  • Claim sheets must be completed no less than three days before the due date.

Academic Staff Policy

  • All staff carry an equal load of teaching, research and administration overall, with the exception of the HoD.
  • Staff must take at least one tutorial group in a module they teach.
  • All staff must endorse a work environment based on intellectual integrity, professionalism and collegiality.
  • The department meets once a month during the working year, and a minimum of eight times a year.
  • All staff are required to participate in departmental meetings.
  • At staff meetings, any person may speak on any issue, and deliberations will seek consensus, although the HoD retains final responsibility for decisions.
  • Meetings will consider all the key issues confronting the department at that time, and always the standing items of teaching, supervision, research, community engagement and staffing.
  • Sensitive departmental issues must be handled with discretion in line with HR procedures.
  • Minutes are taken each meeting and ratified at the next.
  • At least one strategic session on both personal and departmental development must be held annually.

Postgraduate Application and Selection Policy

  • Minimum criteria for Honours are a relevant degree and a 65% average for third year Politics modules
  • Minimum criteria for Masters are a relevant Honours degree and an average of 65% or more
  • Minimum criteria for a PhD are a relevant Masters degree and an average of 65% or more
  • Both Masters and PhD applicants must provide:
    • A concept note or proposal on intended research
    • A writing sample
    • A Curriculum Vitae (CV)
    • A Reference letter
    • Relevant academic qualifications (a SAQA certificate of equivalence for non-South African degrees)
    • Identity documentation
  • All applicants must apply online through the university application system
  • Applicants are responsible for their own documentation and funding needs
  • All applications are subject to a departmental selection process that may involve an interview
  • Applicants can be declined if they do not meet the minimum requirements or if there is insufficient supervision capacity

Postgraduate Policy

Postgraduates must re-register every year for their degree.

  • Masters and PhDs candidates must sign a Memorandum of Understanding with their supervisor that includes:
    • The minimum number of meetings per year,
    • Agreed upon deadlines for draft submission,
    • Defending research proposals and drafts to the department or school. 
  • Students must keep regular and open communication with the department, especially as regards to deadlines.
  • Supervisors must read students’ work and provide constructive feedback within a reasonable time.
  • In the event of difficulties around supervision, students can approach the HoD for mediation.
  • All postgraduates must attend:
    • The postgraduate orientation at the start of every year,
    • Departmental research seminars,
    • Research methodological workshops.
  • All students are subject to university processes regarding registration, proposals and examination.
  • Students are strongly encouraged to participate in the teaching life of the department, primarily tutoring.
  • The Department will facilitate processes of postgraduate skills development.
  • The Department must facilitate the intellectual maturation of students. Students can assist by taking independent ownership of their work.

Assessment Policy

  • Late course work will only be accepted without penalty if accompanied by a valid medical or death certificate or by prior arrangement with the lecturer.
  • Students caught forging certificates will be referred to the Proctor.
  • Late submission results in a penalty of 5% per day. No coursework will be accepted more than three working days late. A weekend will count as one working day.
  • Plagiarism:
    • A first-year will receive 0%, and if time permits, may be allowed to resubmit for a maximum mark of 50%.
    • A second-year will receive 0% and not be allowed to resubmit.
    • A third-year or post-graduate will receive 0% and be referred to the proctor.
  • Course assessments will be marked, captured and returned within two weeks of submission.
  • All course work must be submitted manually to the department and also electronically to verify submission.
  • Students have five working days to verify that their marks have been correctly captured.
  • Where a student has a mark query, they should consult the module instructors.All students are to collect tutorials, essays and tests promptly, and keep them safe as proof of work done.