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Admission requirement

For admission into the Honours degree programme, students should have a first degree in a related field of study. Students require an average mark of at least 65% for their majors in their final year of undergraduate study. Students with a three-year certificate and five years of appropriate work experience may also apply, if their application is accompanied by strong academic recommendations. 

For admission to the structured Master's and the Masters by Thesis programmes, students require an average grade of at least 65% for their majors in their final year of a four year undergraduate degree, or an average grade of 65% for an honours degree in a related field of study. Students undertaking the Masters by Thesis may be required to do course work at UWC or at one of our partner institutes. 

Students applying via RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) for the Honours programme must have matric, plus a three year diploma with an average mark of 65% for all modules along with working experience of at least five years. They must provide the names and contact details of at least two academic references.

No qualification will be awarded for early exit from any of the Development Studies programmes.

Deadline for application is 15 September each year, and students who require study visas are advised to apply before 30 AugustLate applications will not be considered.
Applications may be made through the UWC website: Click on Online Services, then click on online applications and complete the form.   

You may liaise with Ms Candice Beukes at or Mr Lee Joseph at should you have any further problems with your online application. 

When selecting your path of study choose the following options as indicated below:

Faculty: Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences

Department: Institute for Social Development 


- BA Honours in Development Studies (1707) applicants must submit all the documents mentioned above.

-Masters in Development Studies by full thesis (1858) applicants must submit all the documents mentioned above and a 10 page draft proposal.

-Masters in Development Studies by coursework (structured) (1827) applicants must submit all the documents mentioned above and a  5-7 page research proposal.

-PhD (1921) applicants must submit all the documents mentioned above and a 15 page draft proposal.

Please quote the online applicant number as well as your old UWC student number on your motivational letter and submit all supporting documentation to addressed to Ms Priscilla Kippie or Mr. Lance Scheepers.

Please include the following in the subject line of your email: Application and support docs for Honours or Masters or PhD, and always quote your online application number or old UWC student number.

The following supporting documentation must be uploaded for all applications:

  • Your CV (include your current email address and an alternative address if possible)
  • A one to two page motivational letter which explains why you are interested in the course
  • Certified copies of your previous academic transcripts which provide the grades that you have achieved.
  • All documentation must be uploaded to
In addition, all students with international qualifications (outside South Africa) are required to have their international/foreign qualifications assessed by SAQA. Please send all your documents to SAQA as well. Please visit the SAQA website and follow all instructions as per website. Note that your application will not be processed until all these documents are received.  

All ISD Masters applicants are required to submit a five to seven page draft proposal on a research topic in which you are interested.  All PhD applicants are required to submit a ten page synopsis of your intended research. For details please refer to ?A copy of all supporting documents must also be sent to

Fees, Study permits and Accommodation

For details regarding fees for the Honours, Master's and PhD programmes, please contact: Ms D Rose on or +27 21 959 2154 /2307

For any Tuition Fees or SAQA (O or A- Levels) enquiries for International/Foreign students, contact: Ms Sedicka Cassiem at our Student Administration office on or Mr Clayton Alexander on

For more information regarding Honours bursaries, contact: Mr Ebrain Johnson on or Contact no. +27 21 959 3338 or go to

For Masters or Ph.D DAAD scholarships, please contact: Dr Ina Conradie. Access website: for more details.  Due date : 
Or go to  

For assistance with study permits, please contact: Ms Sedicka Cassiem at our student administration office on or Mr Clayton Alexander on

Additional information can be found at:

For university accommodation, please contact: Ms Yasin on details: +27 21 959 2569 / 2999 or email (This is the applicants responsibility) or  Ms Margo Simon, Residence Co-ordinator, Kovacs UWC Student Village, on Tel: 27.21 959 950

Note that we do not arrange accommodation and it is your responsibility to make these arrangements.