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Provide information about entrepreneurship training, research support content, and aid emerging and aspiring entrepreneurs in the faculty.

Available Resources

Journals, Workshops, Books, Lecture recordings, and Seminars.

Internal and external audiences

Students, academic staff and support staff, private and public institutions/ firms, SMMEs, investors, internal and external stakeholders, and entrepreneurs.


The UWC EMS Faculty has graduated over 10 000 students across all fields of business management and related fields. These graduates occupy positions in top institutions across the country and abroad. The teaching and learning process encompasses practical work where students get opportunities to visit diverse institutions of their prospective career paths to overview.

The EMS Faculty hosts a chair in Entrepreneurship. The entrepreneurship thrust of the faculty is further enhanced through the Faculty’s Small Business Clinic which provides integrated learning of entrepreneurship and management through consultation with internal and external stakeholders.

The faculty already has established relationships with external stakeholders that visit the university from time to time to provide training, workshops, and seminars to guide and attract prospective employees from the UWC.