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26 July 2022
Visit Pillar Seven - UWC's new platform for Continuing Education
The University of the Western Cape (UWC) has launched an exciting new chapter in its Continuing Education and Continuing Profession Development (CPD) offering. UWC has created Pillar Seven, a new platform that will change the dynamics of Continuing Education and CPD offerings in the market.

Pillar Seven aims to build on the high-quality courses offered historically by UWC’s seven faculties by presenting new, exciting and relevant courses in more flexible and technology-driven modalities. Pillar Seven has adopted a new approach to offering Continuing Education courses to embrace the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) and the new modes of teaching and learning following the COVID-19 pandemic.

The new approach to teaching and learning will be biased towards online modalities in a future that allows for flexible learning and enables participants to attend courses from anywhere in the world. Pillar Seven will offer a seamless experience whilst using its award-winning learning management system to host blended and fully online short courses.


Pillar Seven has already launched its first course and we invite you to visit the website where information about this course, 'eTools Kit for Entrepreneurs', is available (click here to see the course description). The course is fully online and participants will engage in an online platform, using communication, content creation and assessment eTools.

Over the next few months, Pillar Seven will gradually add new courses to its list of offerings, so please watch the Pillar Seven website for more information.

We look forward to engaging with new participants, our alumni, companies and learners passionate about flexible learning and education in our new world.