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Division for Postgraduate Studies

The Division for Postgraduate Studies (DPGS) ensures research capacity enhancement across faculties, establishes postgraduate communities of practice, facilitates cross-institutional alignment of postgraduate programmes and support services, expands opportunities for student exchange and international collaboration, and enhances funding support for postgraduate students.

Focused attention is also given to doctoral students through the Doctoral Support Academy.

The Division for Postgraduate Studies (DPGS) offers virtual mentoring to registered UWC Masters and Doctoral students only.

Duties of Writing Coaches
a.    Conduct a one-on-one academic interaction with postgraduate students on general academic writing skills.
b.    Provide comprehensive assistance in writing skills within the context of organised, logical and coherent presentations of research proposals and theses.
c.     Assist postgraduate students with supervisor's comments in proposals or thesis drafts.

Duties of Statistical Coaches
a.    Assistance with the development of data collection tools (surveys, questionnaires, etc)
b.    Data preparation and cleaning
c.     Assist with data analysis
d.    Use of data analysis software: SPSS and Atlas-ti.
Notice to Masters and PhD Students
1.    Coaches do not write for students
2.    Coaches do not assume the status of supervisors
3.    Do not reapply for a coach if you have previously completed and submitted the online Jotform

To request and be assigned a writing or statistical coach, please complete the Jotform via the link below:


As the Division for Postgraduate Studies (DPGS) we provide an inclusive, multicultural and holistic researcher development environment for all postgraduates at UWC. Our role is to provide key erudition opportunities which equip you as postgraduate student and researcher to succeed in contributing your unique ‘study piece’ to a body of knowledge.

DPGS facilitates an array of research skills training aimed at enhancing postgraduate experiences across Honour, Masters and PhD degrees in both Social and Natural Sciences. In ensuring that the IOP mandate of UWC is accomplished specifically for postgraduate students; recruitment, retention and completion rate, DPGS serves as a strategic unit in realising these IOP goals. As such, research skills and training content in the form workshops are designed in a timeous and orderly sequence to cater for postgraduate student’s research needs as applicable for each semester. We provide central access to a range of workshops, where you can both succeed with your research studies and build your professional career. The following objectives constitute the training and workshops in the second semester.

Overview of workshops objectives
1) Expose students to the phases of research
2) Promote the culture of research among postgraduate students in the form of practical and applicable research skills and all-round development of postgraduate students
3) Deploy resources to assist postgraduate in understanding of research phases

Please see links below to our offerings for October according to the various postgraduate degree levels and disciplines.
To book for our workshop please CLICK HERE for the procedure guide.
You have to be registered for 2022 to access our workshops
Workshop bookings close 10h00 one working day prior to the workshop


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