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The Department of Accounting, which forms part of the Economic and Management Sciences Faculty, offers the BCom (Accounting) and Post  Graduate Diploma in Accounting (PGDA) degrees for the study to become a chartered accountant.  

The Department of Accounting also offers BCom (Financial Accounting) which is for the study of example, professional accountant or tax practitioner. The BCom  (Accounting)  degree, combined with the Post Graduate  Diploma  in  Accounting (PGDA), are accredited by the South  African Institute of Chartered  Accountants (SAICA) to prepare candidates for Initial Test of Competency (ITC). The BCom (Financial Accounting)  degree is aligned with the curriculum prescribed by the South African Institute for Professional Accountants (SAIPA) and in the process of being accredited.  

The Department staff numbers have increased significantly in the last few years and it now as 18 CA(SA) academic staff members and five support staff members. Eleven of the staff members have a Master’s degree and most of the remaining staff are pursuing their further studies.  Prof. Judith Terblanche (PGDA Co-ordinator) is one of few CAs(SA) with a PhD, which in turn strengthens the Department’s efforts to become a centre of excellence in accounting education. Research in the Department includes a focus on accounting education in the modern teaching environment, financial accounting, taxation and auditing. 


The establishment of a centre of excellence for the development of competency in the composite disciplines of Accounting (incorporating Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Financial Management, Auditing and Control, Information Systems and Taxation) for both the private and public sector environments.


To provide both relevant and quality training, research and community service that will cater for the accounting training requirements of civil service, local government and public enterprise in South Africa, as well as for the private sector.  

This objective has the following subsections: In complying with the standards and requirements of professional controlling bodies, it is our objective to devise formal programmes (degrees, diploma's and certificates), syllabi and teaching methods in line with private and public sector needs in the disciplines of Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Financial Management, Auditing and Control, Information Systems and Taxation.