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The Department of Mercantile and Labour Law introduces students to the world of commercial and business law. The department’s focus is on developing students’ critical thinking skills and supplying them with practical, transferable capabilities to positively contribute to the legal profession or corporate field.

From the third year of LLB studies, the department will familiarise students with subjects such as the Labour Law and the Law of Insolvency. During the final year of LLB studies, a number of electives such as advanced corporate law, competition law international business law as well as regional integration allow students to specialise in sought after areas of national and international business law, preparing them not only for legal practice, but also for potential further studies or a career at a multi-national corporation or organisation.

At post-graduate level, the department offers a number of elective LLM models, with the focus on two flagship programmes.

The Labour Law LLM programme is largely offered on a multi-modal (mostly internet based) basis, allowing students who are not permanently resident on campus to successfully complete their LLM degree.

The LLM programme in International Trade, Business and Investment Law is an intensive, full-time programme aimed at training students who can hold their own in the global effort to facilitate transnational business.

This LLM programme has received international acclaim, as stated by Dr Edwini Kessie, World Trade Organisation Councillor and programme lecturer:

“The LLM programme in Trade and Investment Law has grown from strength to strength and it is universally acclaimed by all those who have been associated with or learnt about it. The programme has produced top quality graduates who have helped to build and reinforce the trade capacity of African countries to benefit from the multilateral trading system. The fact that international organisations such as the Commonwealth and the World Trade Organisation have recruited a number of past graduates is a testament to the programme's quality and depth"

The Department welcomes applications for doctoral studies towards an LLD or DPhil in any of our focus areas.