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Fair Share was established in 1997, as a response to a need for a Civil Society Organisation (CSO) to play an active role in economic policy development processes. From this broad intention, Fair Share has evolved into an organisation that meaningfully strengthens the capacity of various stakeholders to participate in the socio-economic development processes of their communities.

The capacity building programmes and activities of Fair Share are founded on the understanding that successful communities require knowledgeable, active and assertive CSO's and elected local representatives. Thus, Fair Share's quest to design and implement programmes that:
  • Increase understanding of local governance.
  • Improve the understanding of communities with new regard to municipal planning and budgeting processes.
  • Improve the participation of various stakeholders in local governance processes.
  • Facilitate community networks to develop and strengthen their advocacy strategies.
  • Provide research and information support to community organisations, and
  • The above objectives are purposefully pursued through structured activities to allow Fair Share to realise its vision and mission.


To contribute to effective and accountable governance responsive to the needs of marginalised people.


Fair Share, a unit of the School of Government, based at the University of the Western Cape, strives to build the capacity of communities to participate effectively in democratic governance, by building the capacity of relevant community structures and organisations.